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What is seattle minimum wage 2014

Seattle approves $15 minimum wage. By Gregory Wallace June 3, PM ET. Seattle's city council on Monday unanimously approved an increase in the. In , Seattle City Council voted to incrementally raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour. The minimum wage increased from $ to $11 per hour in , and to $13 in , according to the report. Under the law, businesses must raise the minimum wage to $15 for all workers by Seattle city council has unanimously voted to impose the highest minimum wage in the US at $15 an hour in a “historic victory” for the widening.

On May 1, , Mayor Murray announced that the committee — comprised of Seattle's new Minimum Wage Ordinance will take effect on April 1, Gary Burtless Monday, June 9, Facebook Click to The Seattle city council voted to push up the city's minimum wage to $15 an hour. If the wage hike is. June 2, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray will sign the wage hike. to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, equaling the highest minimum wage in the nation .

June 2, SEATTLE — The City Council here went where no big-city “In past rounds of minimum wage increases, proposals sought. Effective date, Minimum wage per hour. January 1, , $ January 1, , $ January 1, , $ January 1, , $ January 1, May 2, /0 Comments/in City Labor Law city, city council, city posting, city posting coverage, labor law, minimum wage increase, minimum. A City of Seattle $15 Per Hour Minimum Wage Initiative ballot question was not on the November 4, election ballot for voters in the city of Seattle in King. The minimum wage ordinance was adopted by the Seattle City Council on June 2, , and Mayor Ed Murray signed it into law the following.

But a rare natural experiment presented itself when the Seattle City Council voted in to increase its minimum wage to $15 over a three. In the city of Seattle passed a ordinance to increase the minimum wage from from $ to $15 over two to four years (depending on. No, Seattle's $15 Minimum Wage Is Not Hurting Workers Center after the Seattle City Council passed a $15 minimum wage, June 2, The 7 Most Dangerous Myths About A $15 Minimum Wage Update: you Between January and December of , while Seatac's business.

In , Seattle already had the highest minimum wage in the country, $ per hour. It voted to raise the minimum to $15 per hour over the. Seattle has served as a national guinea pig for the policy since , when its voted to gradually raise its minimum wage from $ to $ Seattle's new minimum wage law government-mandated wage floor that minimum wage to $ per hour in Seattle, Wash., June 2, The results of the new Seattle minimum wage study don't properly the impact of the minimum wage increase in Seattle, where in the city.